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  1. Dear Hanna, 
    In 19 years in America, this is the second time only in which I felt like standing in ovation after a show. The first time was at the Metropolitan, forThe Dialogue of the Carmelites, in 2004 (the version shown at the Kennedy Center last year was rather flat).
    Your show, that I came to watch mostly for professional deontology, was excellently performed, translated, and adapted to America. The last sentence usually means "simplified", 'banalized" etc. On the contrary, the adaptations were apropos. They rendered the piece more intelligible, without depriving it of original force .

    The oneiric/hallucinated scene of praise to Antonia was impressive indeed. 

    I will try to follow all your shows hereinafter, because I sense that your company will be able to capture their essence with the same sensibility revealed for this one.


    Regards, Bernardo

  2. "Smartphones, A Pocket-Size Farce~hilarious! if you don't laugh during this production you're dead inside.~Rio DeNaro

  3. ~I had been intrigued by the description of the play and decided to attend. I am SO glad that I did. As suggested by the description, the story was a bit surreal. That said, I was absolutely mesmerized by the story, the acting, the scenery, and of course, the directing that resulted in a seamless and flawless delivery. ~Ann G

  4. "The Trap" is an absolutely outstanding play and an inventive, deep and moving performance. I do not have time now for an extended review that "The Trap" deserves. To give some prospective, for me this was the most memorable theatrical experience of the season [Among others I saw "As you like it," "The Originalist," Julius Cesar, One Man Two Guvnors (Berkeley Rep), Tony Kushner's "The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide," "Vanya, Masha, etc." and some junk that I forget the titles of.] ~Victor Roytburd

  5. Saw The Trap last night, highly recommend, seldom has a play gotten so far into my head as to influence my dreams. Andrea Crooms on Twitter

  6. I had been intrigued by the description of the play and decided to attend. I am SO glad that I did. As suggested by the description, the story was a bit surreal. That said, I was absolutely mesmerized by the story, the acting, the scenery, and of course, the directing that resulted in a seamless and flawless delivery. Ann Gaines

  7. Ambassador Theater, what a great find!  I love your mission statement, your play selections, your obvious passion.  Your dedication to doing theater that matters, that's of high quality but different.  I wish you continued success as I eagerly anticipate attending future productions!  You will have my continued support.

    By putting on The Trap you have introduced me to an intriguing new author.  I loved the production choices. The humor (caustic and humane) with its undercurrents of sadness.  The clever, explicit yet subtle, intimations of dehumanizing, all-too-human horror.  The way in which the play touches the heart and – despite its darkness and the historical tragedy in the background — lifts one up rather than brings one down.  The music and choreography were delightful.  The casting was terrific, the performances a joy to behold.

    I take my hat off to the actors, the composer, and the director.

    Good job and thanks for a great experience.

  8. ~Congrats once more on an excellent production. An intense confrontation around issues of commitment, honesty and alienation. Cowardice and bravery. Upon leaving the theater, one can't help but wonder what judgment awaits the ill-fated guidance counselor. Truly a disturbing, thoughtful and provocative play. Aubrey Williams

  9. Featured review from Cfarlee


    *****This is a VERY thoughtful, dynamic, moving play; well acted and staged. I recommend it — various "spin-off" themes and opportunities for discussion and reflection.

  10. Good Morning, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I enjoyed the play last night.  I am recommending it to my friends.  Throughout the three skits, I found myself  relating to the subject matter to a point it could have been me up on that stage.  LoL!    It also was very humorous which made it all the more entertaining.  Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  11. Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed Happily Every After
    yesterday afternoon.

    I thought both actors were superb. It's hard for just two people on a
    stage to captivate an audience. They did a great job.

    I laughed and it made me think deeply about what we think of as love,
    whether infatuation, yearning, or when love dissolves into emptiness
    or anger.

    Well done.

  12. Thank you very much for the great performance of "Dyskolos" that I could see on January 19, 2014. The venue – George Washington Masonic Memorial Theatre remained me an ancient Greek theatre. What a great idea with masks! There were only four actors but I had a feeling that the scene was crowded with many, many people. I enjoyed traditional Greek dances performed by Dynami after the play. And what a Dionysian feast after all. Congratulations!!!
    Anna Firsowicz

  13. Dear Protesters:
    My deep appreciation for all that you have contributed to make our PROTEST meaningful, substantive and an appropriate tribute to Vaclav Havel!
    Dr. Gail Humphries Mardirosian

  14. Hanna, thank you and your cast for an outstanding performance on Saturday afternoon!  Your innovative interpretation of Vaclav Havel's "Protest" is both challenging and inspiring….
    Happy holidays to you and yours!

    Mary Dominick

  15. The performance was innovative and thought-provoking, and the actors were outstanding!  Thank you for a memorable event!

  16. Last night (Opening of "Protest") was memorable. Incredible theater. So thoughtful, so intimate, so disturbing!!!
    And the music, Jerzy, that music was so touching and stunning and tender.
    I loved the evening. We were enthralled by the production. And you are fabulous!!!

    Thank you!!!


  17. Haniu, chcialabym Tobie i Twojemu Zespolowi w Ambassador Theater bardzo serdecznie pogratulowac wspanialego happeningu/przyjecia wydanego 10 pazdziernika 2013 dla uczczenia 5 rocznicy powstania Teatru. To byl swietny pomysl przypomniec nam wszystkim – fanom Twojego teatru, a moze i sobie samej, o waznych artystycznych osiagnieciach Ambassador Theater, o wszystkich wystawionych sztukach i innych waznych wydarzeniach w historii Teatru. Twoja opowiesc o trudnych poczatkach, jak rowniez o wspanialych, ofiarnych ludziach, dzieki ktorym Teatr przetrwal i rozwinal skrzydla tutaj, w Waszyngtonie, stolicy Stanow Zjednoczonych, byla bardzo inspirujaca.  Ty i Twoj zespol po wielekroc zaprezentowaliscie swoja pasje do robienia teatru, ktory przekracza granice i jest naprawde miedzynarodowy i miedzykulturowy. Wysoki poziom przedstawien Ambassador Theatre zapewnia mu wiernych widzow. 


    Haniu, Twoja determinacja i upor, jak rowniez dyplomacja i umiejetnosc zjednywania sobie ludzi, ktorzy pomagaja Ci w realizowaniu misji Ambassador Theatre, moga byc (i sa) inspiracja dla nas wszystkich, ktorzy Cie doceniamy i podziwiamy.  

    Z calego serca dziekuje za zaproszenie i mozliwosc uczestniczenia w celebrowaniu tak waznego momentu. Ciesze sie takze na sztuke "Protest" Vaclava Havla, ktorej premiere zapowiedzieliscie na listopad.  


    Od siebie i od Pana Wladyslawa Zachariasiewicza, Twojego admiratora, przesylam zyczenia dalszych sukcesow, kolejnych udanych sezonow w Waszym wyjatkowym, ambitnym, niebanalnym Ambassador Theatre.  


    Anna Janiak

  18. Congratulations to you Hania! You are promoting theatrical arts for years now with the same high level of wit and passion as always… congrats to actors – they were incredible! I am really glad that I attended…. I feel now as being a part of a big family 😉

  19. LUST

    These and other universal themes are skilfully examined in this thrilling play centred around three characters in charge of a commune searching for peace, harmony and happiness. Acting is superb. Chris Henley is a delight to watch as Thomas, his persona, talent and skill create unforgettable moments that theatre goers crave for. The lovers, Eva and George, are also superbly played by Matthew Ingraham and Sissel Bakken. The sexual and romantic tension they create on stage is raw and titillating. The way the director engages the audience from the moment we enter the theatre deserves special mention. We are greeted as commune members and engaged as such throughout the spectacle. Special visual effects and music add to the excitement. A MUST SEE SHOW!!!!

  20. Last night I attended the opening night at the AMBASSADOR THEATER of "The Third Breast" by Ireneusz Iredynski. I can not stop thinking about it and would like to share some of my thoughts with you. Don't go but RUN to see this fascinating, unique play. Multi talented Hanna Bondarewska for the last 5 years the Artistic Director  of the Ambassador Theater did a superb job producing and directing the play. She succeeded in getting incisive interpretations out of the perfectly cast actors who seem to be born to play these  parts. From the moment the audience enters the  theater and later the auditorium  you are being initiated into the Commune that seems to be glowing with colors of a  desert sunset.
     We are offered a mysterious drink. We hear sounds of a guitar and see a handsome young man Matthew Ingraham playing it and singing softly. The audience joins in the play begins. We are being seduced. Is it really an ideal place where you can live in peace, freedom, happiness… An older man Christopher Henley is now on the stage telling the young man things that shake us into awareness that just perhaps not all is so blissful . Shortly we meet the young woman Sissel Bakken the main creator of the Commune, the goddess…  I shall not reveal more of the plot. You have to discover it that yourself. The imagination of the director Hanna Bondarewska, creates amazing  situations of fluid beauty, suspense, sexual tension, danger. All three actors develop each moment with consummate skill that keeps us at the end of our seats. My grateful thanks to Hanna Bondarewska, Sissel Bakken , Christopher Henley, Mathew Ingraham, and the technical crew  for creating this unforgettable, theatrical evening.
    Sylvia Daneel.

  21. Dear Hannah,

    I would like to congratulate you once again on your splendid production of the Literary Cafe held last week at the Embassy of Austria.

    You succeeded in transforming the heavy concrete performance space into an intimate cafe setting.  The combination of poetry, music, song and dance came together marvelously around three major themes of the evening.

    Your readily recognizable ease, infectious joy and delivery pervaded the room.  You made it all look so natural and easy even though a great deal of work and preparation went into developing the concept, organizing the script and directing the production.

    I regret that limited resources may not have permitted you to extend the show for a few more nights and even take it on the road.  The quality of your production deserved no less and several of the performers told me they would have enjoyed participating in a repeat performance.

    With best regards,

    Aubrey Williams

  22. I am honored to recommend both the Ambassador Theater and Hanna Bondarewska for the DCCAH grant application program.   We are proud sponsors of the Ambassador Theater and Hanna’s vision and efforts. 

    Hanna is a highly intelligent, enthusiastic, and passionate individual. She has an amazing energy that transcends her work and makes all around her want to perform to their highest level.  As the Ambassador Theater’s Founder and Artistic Director, she believes in the power of theater to change the world for the better through collaboration and artistry. By bringing together theater and diplomacy she hopes to give us all a new perspective as global citizens, which will lead to deeper cultural understanding.

    Hanna is a real leader and will be a significant contributor to enrich the artistic and educational programs in Washington DC.  I highly recommend you accept her grant application. 

    Christopher Caine

  23. I am writing to endorse Hanna Bondarewska, Artistic Director of Ambassador Theatre and Cultural Center.  I had the great good fortune of directing a double bill of one-act plays at ATTIC this past winter under the heading Under the Shadow of Wings and experienced first hand the amazing ideals and striving taking place through ATTIC.

    Hanna Bondarewska is an extraordinarily idealistic and dynamic individual who has staked her life on this theatre’s mission.  Such commitment is rare these days.  She lives and breathes that mission.  In a time where national, religious, and political divisions are splitting the world, Hanna Bondarewska’s idea – to bring all nations’ cultures together under one roof where we can appreciate each others’ greatest playwrights’ works in beautifully executed productions – runs directly contrary and represents a wonderfully unifying concept.

    It takes a loud and eloquent voice to rise about the noise and make itself heard, and ATTIC is a relatively new cultural organization, struggling to be noticed in a city booming with the performing arts and where national and international politics are a gaudy and deafening performance each day.  But Hanna Bondarewska is persistent and confident in her special and important concept, and deserves to be supported on every front to be enabled to pursue it.

    I urge you to do whatever you can, through financial support, through help with publicity, or by any other means to get behind ATTIC and its mission.

    David Willinger

  24. The Washington Post
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    Small but very LARGE & Thought provoking
    Posted by wendy1050 | Oct 18, 2012 |
    My husband & I saw these plays by Alfred Farag last night, and they were absolutely spell bounding. I was actually sitting on the edge of my seat during most of “The Visitor.” The actress, Hanna Bondarewska, and actor, Ivan Zizek, were so very EXCELLENT that we could hardly believe were in such a small theatre with such wonderful, talented, great entertainers. It was like NYC Broadway quality in a bargain basement. The second play “The Peephole” was also excellent, and although a drama, humorous; yet, as the first play, provoking serious thought and self examination. We would like to go again and bring some friends. We think these plays should be presented at the Kennedy Center, Studio or some larger venue.

  25. Hanna –
    I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed the performance on Sunday!
    Thank you for the opportunity to attend.

    I love what you are doing with Ambassador Theatre in retaining and presenting the cultural background that is so important to keep alive and to share!!

    Robin Parker
    ACA Theatre Panel

  26. Friends,

    I would like to thank you all for the truly amazing day yesterday. I am humbled and I can’t find the best words to describe my feelings of gratitute to you and how much I appreciate your talents, dedication and hard work you put into Hopa Tropa Kukerica. With a deep reverance and a great respect I will say “You were magnificent!”

    I promised Lili that we will take the audience’s breath away and I think that we have not only taken the audiences breaths and minds away, but also we have accomplished to bring the house down. I heard only the best things that could be said about our show, the concept, the execution, the creativity, the color, the acting, the music, the singing, the dancing, and all of your energy. You all were an extraordinary team, that I had the honor of working with. BRAVO!

    First, I would like to thank our Directors, Lili Slavova and Hanna Bondarewska for the opportunity to do what we did yesterday. Without them we could not have even started thinking about this project.
    I hope we will have the chance to do this many times in the future.

    Second, I would like to thank the entire cast of actors. Since I don’t have all their e-mails I would ask Dariya to forward this mail to all. You guys were absolutely amazing and my mind has expanded to fit yet another extraordinary art form. I learned about the art of puppeteering and how complicated it is. I learned that the best actors are puppeteers, which is a unique skill that not everybody can master. Congratulations on such great acting to the entire actors’ cast!

    The Na Megdana was a real celebration on the village square. I’d like to use the term a colleague of mine used to describe this part of the show. VERY ORGANIC, EXTREMELY COLORFUL, AND FULL OF ENERGY AND LIFE!

    For this part I would like to congratulate the entire cast of 47 people, including our friends from Orfeia, Svitania, Zunitza and all the troops from Zharava, along with the Bulgarian School children and our guest artists Varol and Tanya.

    I would like to thank you all and especially Tanya Sarbinska and her team, leaders and the members of Svitania, my point of contacts in both groups, Diane and Petia, my dear friends and soul family Mila, Trayana and Slavi from Zunitza, and every single dancer and singer on stage. I don’t have the words to describe my gratitude to all of you and especially to my little friends from the Bulgarian School, who were thrilled to participate in this big production and all my friends from Zharava, some of whom have not been on stage and yesterday looked as if they have been born on stage, I can only say THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I could not have done it without you all.

    And last, but not least, I would like to thank Petko Kolev for his musical arangements and sound support. Without our sound we would not have made it. …..as we all saw when yesterday was ufolding. Thank you Petko for saving the day.

    For those of you that did not know who was behind the delicious food in the dining room, I would like to acknowledge the entire team from the Bulgarian community and will ask Diana and Gina to send this mail to all members of the volunteer team that helped this event to turn into a grand success. THANK YOU GUYS, YOU WERE AWESOME.

    I hope some day we will be able to do this show again and to collaborate on many shows in the future.

    I hope Svitania and Zunitza had safe trips home and hope all of you have recovered at least a bit and started the week with a fresh energy.

    Enjoy the spring and don’t be strangers. More celebrations are coming. Keep in touch!

    Best regards
    Desi Jordanoff

  27. Congratulations! This was truly a fantastic performance. Thanks for the roll coaster of emotions and an impressive display of talent. I wish Director Hanna Bondarewska and all the cast members an unceasing array of creative achievements with this production and all the other ones, they all might be part of in the future. All the best!

  28. Dear Hanna,
    Congratulations on your superb production of The Madman and and the Nun! Anyone looking for intense, serious, challenging theater should see this play, especially as presented by this company. Your actors captured the spirit of Witkacy’s off-center world view with complete ease. Their bold, but knowing and matter-of-fact presentation projected both the horror and the humor of Witkacy’s play. Well done! It was good of all of you to take the time afterward to talk with us for a while, too. I look forward to seeing more of Ambassador Theater!

  29. Thank you very much for a truly enjoyable evening watching your production of the Madman and the Nun. What a fun time! I really enjoyed the sizzle and the energy between John and Jenny as the co-leads. I also very much enjoyed the contrast between the two doctors and the interplay between the two nuns – Jenny (again) and Mary. An entertaining evening, made only better by the Q&A afterwards with the cast and you. Congratulations on a wonderful performance – your cast, your crew and you should all be very proud of this wonderful production.

  30. Pingback: Dell P.
  31. Dear Hanna,
    Thanks for a wonderful evening! You took the audience on the rhythmically exhilarating and jolting ride that Witkacy intended MADMAN to be. It was exciting, funny, and sad, and seemed as weird and quirky as Walpurg’s brain. My congratulations!
    Daniel Gerould

  32. Congratulations on your superb production of The Madman and and the Nun! Anyone looking for intense, serious, challenging theater should see this play, especially as presented by this company. Your actors captured the spirit of Witkacy’s off-center world view with complete ease. Their bold, but knowing and matter-of-fact presentation projected both the horror and the humor of Witkacy’s play. Well done! It was good of all of you to take the time afterward to talk with us for a while, too. I look forward to seeing more of Ambassador Theater!

  33. Everything was magical – the set, the players and the audience! The heartfelt dialogue with the audience was true to the Ambassador Theater’s Director Hanna and the ATICC mission.

  34. Hi, Hanna,

    Thank you for all your effort, patience, creativity and vision. Judging from the atmosphere after the show, I think everyone had a great time and left the theatre, not angry, not resentful, not depressed but–happy! And if you can bring a evening’s happiness to people you are certainly doing your job correctly. More power to you and thanks again,



  36. You have done an amazing job teaching the Anne Beers students the dancing and singing that they performed. I wish you lots of good luck in your efforts with your new theater – a good concept in helping students understand other cultures.

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