The Forefathers Cast & Crew

“Dark everywhere, Gloom everywhere What’s in the air, what’s in the air?”

This is the eternal question that opens, closes, and is woven through Adam Mickiewicz’s Part II of Forefathers: What’s in the air? What’s in the air? What is in the air in Mickiewicz’s poem is a series of spirits. To the audience they reveal the human wisdom that in death we cannot undo what has been done in life, nor can we forever mask who we truly are. In Poland, Mickiewicz’s name is lauded like Shakespeare’s in England or Goethe’s in Germany. But more than filling a great role as a national bard, he is also a praised national icon. In this world of endless material bliss and continuing technological advancement many people search for spiritual fulfillment. Here, Mickiewicz’s poetry not only delivers a spiritual inspiration, it also encourages us to slow down, to breathe in creative energy.

A Staged Reading of

The Forefathers, Part II

by Adam Mickiewicz

Directed by: Hanna Bondarewska

Costumes & Props: Magda Pinkowska

Lighting: Stephen Shetler

Warlock: Bill Byrnes
An Old Man: A. Tony Quinn
Angel Boy: Nathan Meier
Angel Girl: Sydney Cherrick
Spectre: Deepal Doshi
Chorus of Nocturnal Birds:
  Owl: Kathy Cox
  Raven: Carl James
  Vulture: Gavin Whitt
A girl (Sophie): Chelsey-Rae Abbate
Leader of the Chorus: Amy Kellett
Shepherdess: Cora Boyd
Spectre (Gustav): Alex Vernon
Chorus of Villagers:
  Eda Lynda Bruce-Lewis and company

Technical Support | Interns
Amanda Grossman
Ekaterina Korotkikh
Ellie Pfeuffer