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Ambassadors of International Culture

The District of Columbia is unique among American communities in its great concentration of embassies and international dignitaries. Despite only being a few miles away from these great resources, many students within and around the District of Columbia have little knowledge of the world outside their neighborhoods. Through the Ambassador of International Culture program, we hope to make these resources more accessible to urban students and enrich the students through interaction with persons of different cultures.

Under the program, the Center forms a close relationship with one of the District of Columbia’s many embassies, both to help tailor the interactive learning program to the selected culture, and to provide students with a hands-on opportunity to interact with persons from that culture. Working together, the Center and the embassies can create an environment that allows for students to gain a greater cultural understanding than through either resource alone.

For instance, as a result of 2007/2008 embassy adoption program with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, the students in the program had the opportunity to travel to Poland to give a performance at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw at the special invitation of the First Lady of Poland, Mrs. Maria Kaczyńska. This program gave the students an opportunity to exchange ideas, not only amongst themselves and with instructors, but also with persons who are members of the culture that the students were studying at a given time, and provided for further cultural enrichment of the students by immersion in Polish culture through the duration of the trip.

Interactive Learning Method of Teaching

Each year, we will explore a different international culture. The Center will promote the culture and help the students learn through two interconnected programs – the Interactive Learning Method and the Embassy Adoption program. The scope of the interactive learning is not limited to theater and drama.
We will provide a special educational program of interactive learning that is specially designed to help teachers and students better comprehend cultural artistic compositions and find the joy in discovering new customs through art, music, dance, song, crafts, cooking, theater games, and performance.

The Center is devoted to working with young students to increase their social skills, reading comprehension, movement, and speaking skills. In addition, we also incorporate more traditional teaching techniques, such as lectures, reading, and demonstrations.


Ambassador Theater Studio Classes

Ambassador Theater offers studio classes exploring international literature and drama through movement,voice and  improvisation. Through Ambassador Theater’s unique international cultural exchange, the students have the opportunities to experience Art and Drama in both enriching and innovative ways, sure to inspire both individual and collaborative growth in years beyond.  Classes, taught by highly experienced professionals from all over the world, are available for three age groups: Globetrotters (4-6 years old), Voyagers (7-9 years old), and Explorers (10 and up).  

Ambassadors of International Culture Outreach Programs

Ambassadors of International Culture is an interactive educational program, which exposes students to a variety of cultures through theater. The Ambassador Theater brings resources from local embassies to help provide students with enrichment activities, allowing them to become well-educated global citizens and interact with international leaders of today.  Showcased in their artwork, theater games and performance, this program connects to the students’ studies in school, improving their overall academic performance, reading and comprehension skills, and concentration and memorization ability.

Summer Theater Production Camps

Ambassador Theater offers two different summer camps, both of which use international literature as a platform for artistic creation and performance.  Both camps provide a well-rounded production experience from a multicultural standpoint, ending with a showcase. Through both individual work and teamwork the students will open their minds to endless possibilities.  Professional instructors guide them through scene work, theater games, and activities in projection and movement. Children ages 4-13 will enjoy a two week camp at the George Washington Masonic Memorial Theater in Alexandria, Virginia, and teens ages 12 and up a will experience mounting a three week full scale production at the Source Theater, in Washington, DC.

Special Workshops and Educational Lectures:

  • Play-reading Workshops: Ambassador Theater’s play-reading workshops offer the opportunity to discover plays from all over the world and tap into the various cultures within them.  Through these readings, participants get the chance to collaborate with esteemed designers, directors, playwrights, and actors from all over the world and discuss the plays on a deep, thought-provoking level.
  • Workshops with International Guest Artists: Ambassador Theater’s Guest artist workshops offer exciting openings into the world of artists and scholars from all over the globe. Experts in their fields, the topics of these workshops range, including a variety of different styles in acting, play-writing, directing, and production. Using lectures and question and answer settings, participants will learn the specific style of the speaker and relate that knowledge into their own work and beyond.

Internship Program

Ambassador Theater International Cultural Center is offering special internship programs for talented students to provide the students opportunities to learn more about the workings of the theater in many areas:

  • Production and House Management
  • Technical Support in the Set Construction, Costumes, Props, Lights and Stage Managment
  • Marketing and Development
  • Acting Internships


Educational Programs: Ambassadors of International Culture

Ambassador Theater teaches 2nd graders about Ancient China and Egypt

Ms. Hanna Bondarewska teaches students about Ancient China

Ambassador Theater teaches 1st graders about American symbols

Ms. Lilia Slavova leads the students through various theater games and exercises to teach them about American symbols

Hoffman-Boston E.S. Ambassadors of International Culture

Check out these stars of the stage from Arlington, VA. This season we learned about the cultures of Ancient Egypt and China!

Break a Leg!

Second graders from Hoffman Boston Elementary School, Arlington VA will present what they have learned during the school-year educational program, Ambassadors of International Culture, at a special show about Ancient Egypt and Ancient China June 7th at 2:30 PM and 6:30 PM at the auditorium. 

We wish a “break a leg” to all the students!

Exploration of Egypt and China

Ambassadors of International Culture: Ancient EGYPT and CHINA

egypt-flagAmbassador Theater is kicking off our outreach program with Hoffman-Boston Elementary School (Arlington) for Egypt and China.
This is a full year program supporting 40 students in the school’s second grade curriculum to help the students gain strength china-flag-wave 4in learning the material through theater games, they will work on their movement, reading comprehension.
Students will learn about the culture through poetry, art, and drama. They will work on costume pieces, props, and art projects which will be used in the final showcase June 7, 2011.
The students will also be able to interact with the diplomatic representatives of both countries.

Anne Beers Elementary School students visit Poland: performing, sightseeing, and making friends in a “dream come true” summer trip

Ms. Hanna Bondarewska and six chaperones accompanied students from Anne Beers Elementary School in Washington D.C. on the trip of a lifetime as they traveled to Poland at the invitation of the First Lady of Poland to perform for her at the Belweder Palace in Warsaw and to travel for almost two weeks around Poland. The show, “Poland the Beautiful, An Imaginary Flight” written and directed by Ms. Hanna combined song and dance with a script containing famous Poles from all walks of life, such as Madame Sklodoska Curie, Frederyk Chopin, and Tadeusz Kosciuszko. This performance was the culmination of a year long program in which the students learned about the history and culture of Poland through theater games, art, and crafts. Taking the show “on the road” proved a great success and the students were able to not only perform at the Belweder Presidential Palace, but also were invited to other venues around Poland, including the Main Square in Krakow. Being able to vistit the historical places in Poland that they had previously only learned about and seen in photos was eye opening. They had learned about Copernicus, but to actually see his town, Torun, made history come alive. Through the International Order of the Smile and the Heart Foundation the students also made friends with their Polish peers and even were able to learn songs together which they then performed at the 50th Anniversary Gala in the Swidnica Theater. This slide show is from the wonderful twelve days that the students spent in Poland and which they will remember for a lifetime.