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Summer at Nohant: Photo Gallery

Summer at Nohant, a Romantic-period comedy in three acts, celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Fryderyk Chopin’s birth. George Sand, the famed French writer and emancipated woman, brings together artists at her celebrated summer estate in Nohant. Chopin, one of her lovers, echoes the longings and frustrations of the inhabitants as he composes his Sonata in B minor. His music is transcendent and affects everyone in the household.

Ambassador Theater Presents “Summer at Nohant”

Summer at Nohant

By Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz

Translated by Celina Wieniewska

Directed by Hanna Bondarewska

Assistant Director Magdalena Pinkowska

Lighting Director Marianne Meadows

Set Design and Construction:

Andrzej Pinkowski, Magdalena Pinkowska, Falcon Construction, House Craft LLC, Daniel Rovin

Costumes Dan Iwaniec and Florence Arnold

Stage Manager April Whaley

Assistant Stage Manager Keta Newborn




Tyler Herman as Fryderyk Chopin

Hanna Bondarewska as Baroness Aurore Dudevant (George Sand)

Jessie Dulaney as Solange, daughter of George Sand

Russell Jonas as Maurice, son of George Sand

Timothy R. King as Count Anthony Wodzinski

Madeline Muravchik as Mlle De Rosieres, Chopin’s pupil

Lauren Elisabeth Uberman as Augustine, George Sand’s cousin and ward

Daniel Rovin as Theodore Rousseau, young painter

Christopher Herring as Clesinger, young sculptor

Michael Santos Sandoval as Ferdinand, son of a rich neighbor

David Van Ormer as John, Chopin’s servant

Ekaterina Korotkikh as Madeleine, country girl

Interns: Ekaterina Korotkikh and Alison Beyrle

Director’s Note

Welcome to George Sand’s estate at Nohant, where many prominent artists found the inspiration for their art, among which the most famous guest was Fryderyk Chopin. The three act play takes us all on a great tour into a 19th century salon where you may discover the beauty of erotic passions, turmoil, and artistic inspiration, where “among kitchen squabbles- something so full of transcendental genius is being produced!” It has been a great pleasure to rediscover this very interesting play depicting a part of the lives of these very special people, George Sand and Fryderyk Chopin with such a great group of American actors and take them on a tour of France and Poland. It has been a very interesting ride, full of passion; snow days and stormy weather which still did not stop us all from bringing some sun to Summer at Nohant. Thank you to all its dear “inhabitants” for all their passion and hard work, especially my dear assistant Magda and her family who tirelessly worked to make our salon so beautiful and vibrant. I love you all and let us all breathe in the very extraordinary air of Nohant!