Director’s Notes

Today is 12th of August 2010. I am waiting for my very special night-the night when my wishes will come true! This very night there will be a meteor shower when between 70 and 100 stars will fall from the sky every hour. In many cultures, the stars conjure up various myths. In some of them if you see a falling star it means that you can make a wish, or there will be a war, the emperor will die. For me this night is the moment of finishing my director’s book on The Little Prince.

I made my wish- I want all of you who read The Little Prince years ago to come and see it new, with the eyes of a little boy. For those of you who read it when you were young and did not understand all of it, maybe now you will learn something new. For those who only have heard about it, enjoy it, for those who want your kids or your grand kids to see it with you  watch it together, have a family discussion. For those of you who had their rose and left it behind remember those precious moments.

The little prince is everyone’s story! You may have not known that The Little Prince is also your story.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. The essential is invisible to the eyes.
                                    -  Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Even though The Little Prince, one of the greatest novels of all time, has always been one of my favorite books, I don’t think I ever truly understood the meaning behind of the secret of the fox-until tonight, the night of the shooting stars!

The essential is invisible to the eyes.

I wish for you during this play to see not only with your eyes, but also with your heart. To experience long-lasting and exciting adventures with our characters, to recognize and show love to those who mean a lot to you.

I wish you not just to look at the play, but to see it, so that you can truly enjoy every moment.

Enjoy the journey of our little prince and the characters he meets in his travels from planet to planet.
I choose to produce this play for a few reasons- the first is my student Ian Pedersen who has been with me since he was 5 years old and grew in front of my eyes. Sweet, polite and innocent Ian has a lot of the qualities of the little prince.

I love the effect of shadow puppets on the stage. There is something magical about them. There is also no limit, as the subject of the story.
Working with a fabulous team of puppet makers and puppeteers makes this experience even more magical.

Working on the music with Georg Silver and his band was a magnificent journey,  mimicking the play itself in sorrow, happiness, struggle and beauty.

I dedicate this play to all my friends who were once 6 years old!
– Lilia Slavova