Meet Agustin Blazquez: His Art Work Featured in “TRESPASSING”

Agustin Blazquez’s digest bio.

Agustin Blazquez

Born in Cardenas, Cuba, I grew up in the small towns of Coliseo and Limonar. From a very early age I was drawing and painting everywhere, including on the walls. I developed the sense of a strong force pulling me to a life devoted to art.

While I was studying in high school, I discovered that the style of my early childhood drawings bore a remarkable resemblance to the ancient Egyptian murals that appeared in my ancient history textbook. I took this as a sign of a mystic affinity between my inspirations and those of the ancient Egyptians.

During the early 1960s I also painted abstract compositions and around 1963 I returned to my first love–Egyptian art–and completed a second collection of Egyptian paintings.

I left Cuba for Canada n 1965 and began painting again–this time op-art–in Paris and Madrid where I exhibited for the first time. I came to the US in 1967 and began exhibiting in 1968.

In 1974, after a hiatus of 11 years, I resumed painting in the Egyptian style and in 1976 my one-man-show “Egyptian Sculptured Paintings” opened in Washington, DC. I received an official invitation from the Egyptian Embassy to visit Egypt as a guest of the Ministry of Higher Education in March of 1978.

After my return from Egypt other one-man and group shows followed in subsequent years.