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DC Theatre Scene Review by Leslie Weitzman

WeLoveDC loves The Little Prince by Jenn Larsen

"Magic is created …Highly recommended"   – Bob Anthony ( 

"a feast for the eyes and the imagination that stays with you long after you have left the theater."  – Donisha A. (

"The Little Prince … isn't your typical children's show. …philosophical and melancholy… well acted….clever…beautiful and evocative." – Beth Meyer (

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 "The Little Prince" — A Charming Play for Children and Adults

"a feast for the eyes and the imagination that stays with you long after you have left the theater." 

"acting was superb"

– Donisha A.


The Little Prince … isn't your typical children's show. …philosophical and melancholy with good acting, artistic aspirations and an international crew.

well acted….clever…beautiful and evocative.

The play is very well acted. Accomplished eleven year-old actor Ian Pederson had previously played the son of Phedre with Helen Mirren as Phedre at the National Theatre of London. Alex Vernon did a fine job as the pilot and Sarah Olmsted Thomas and Ilana Naidamast were convincing as the fox and snake respectively.

The very effective set was just made up of draped white fabric. The costumes were clever, the masks and shadow puppets by Bulgarian artists were terrific, and the original music by Georg Silver from the Canary Islands was beautiful and evocative.

My daughters and I liked the show very much. Younger children in the audience enjoyed the show as well and there was no squirming or chatter.
– Beth Meyer

We Love Arts: The Little Prince

There are many delights in Ambassador Theater’s production of The Little Prince, but chief among them for me was watching the reactions of the children in the audience. “Who I am writing a review for?” I asked myself afterward. It’s unlikely any of those enraptured five-year-olds would care what I think. Their parents? Perhaps. Funny then that this push-pull between the world of adults and children is at the heart of the much-loved book by Antoine Saint-Exupery (or Saint-Ex, as he’s affectionately known in my neighborhood).

From the small set beautifully draped in tunneling parachutes to the whimsical shadow puppets helping transport the audience to outer space, this is an evening of both sweetness and sadness that held the attention of the children I saw there. One even may have fallen in love with the little prince herself. For adults, the play is a reminder that, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. The essential is invisible to the eyes.”

"Magic is created…" "Highly recommended production"
– Bob Anthony

Magic is created during the Ambassador Theater's production of "THE LITTLE  PRINCE" (To 11/7 ) that is described as "a fairy tale for adults or for the child that every grown up once was".  This lovely story based on the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery's little book about a prince from a faraway star who confronts a pilot whose plane crashes in the desert is totally endearing.  This is mostly due to the fine performances of the leads…Ian Petersen as the prince and Alex Vernon as the pilot.  They are wonderfully assisted by actresses, Sarah Olmsted Thomas and Liana D. Naidamast in the fairy tales being messaged.   Director  Lilia Slavova got wonderfully sensitive interpretations during all parts of the story and it was wonderful to see the many youngsters in the audience getting a full measure of pleasure as the story unfolded.  The set by Alex Vernon was like a downed parachute with spaces for heads to pop-up around the stage.  There was an audio visual upstage for some delightful puppet work and cartoons.  The music by Georg Silver was ethereal yet it emphasized the drama on stage.   Kudos for the fine masks by Vanya Vasileva.  This is wonderful family fare which allows the adults to reenter the fantasies of their childhood as their children repeat theirs.   It is a highly recommended production.  (Reviewed by Bob Anthony)