A world of imagination, with ancient myths waiting to be told

International Youth Theater Production Camp AGES 7 and up June 23 – July 3, 2014 Monday – Friday 9 AM – 3 PM at the George Washington Masonic Memorial Theater 101 Callahan Drive, Alexandria VA


Picture walking through the door of the Masonic temple in Alexandria, VA and finding yourself in ancient Greece surrounded by masks and ancient Gods and Goddesses! That will be the experience of every camper as we help them tell some of the most popular and loved stories of western civilization: Greek Myths! Children will learn to use their whole body to transform into various characters, opening their minds to endless possibility. As they develop these skills within themselves, they will also learn to listen to one another and work as a team during scene work and theater games. Professional instructors will also teach them projection, memorization and other skills necessary to perform in theater. Ultimately the campers will be given the tools to perform  for an audience where they will have created everything, from the characters themselves to sound effects and even living set pieces, with their own imaginations.

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Please choose the age group Voyagers: 7-9 years old Explorers: 10 + Children ages 7 and up will enjoy a two week camp at the George Washington Masonic Memorial Theater in Alexandria, Virginia, and  will experience mounting a final showcase production. Ambassador Theater offers two weeks summer theater production camp, which uses international literature as a platform for artistic creation and performance. ATICC camp provides a well-rounded production experience from a multicultural standpoint, ending with a showcase. Through both individual work and teamwork the students will open their minds to endless possibilities. Professional instructors guide them through scene work, theater games, and activities in projection and movement. The students will design their own costumes and prop pieces and learn about all technical aspects of the theater production including creating posters and playbills for their performances.